May 22, 2020

Turning your roof into an urban Eco Garden

Living Roofs

Ancient architecture is shaping modern sustainable design in one of the most exciting emerging roof trends, the Living Roof. Few architectural elements are as fundamental as the green roof and from the most basic of ancient structures to huge, modern rooftop parks, green roofs appear throughout history.

With a mind to ecological stability, architects and designers are revisiting the concept and trailblazing a path toward making our buildings come to life.

These self-sustaining living features bring natural beauty to urban buildings and connect structures to their surrounding landscapes. As functional gardens they have a wide variety of ecological benefits, the ability to absorb carbon dioxide, reduce storm water runoff, limit heat absorption, and provide habitats for insects, birds, and other wildlife and once you factor in lower heating and cooling costs it’s easy to see why this trend continues to gain ground.

How a Living Roof works

Green roofs are layers of membrane and plants covering any building to act as insulation and protection against water damage. They also create specific habitats, filter pollutants, sequester carbon and provide additional growing space. An energy efficient building trend guaranteed to keep your home cool when it’s hot and warm when the temperature plummets.

In stark contrast to the average inert, hot, barren roof the vegetation provides shade and removes heat through a process of evapo-transpiration, where plants absorb moisture through their root systems and emit this moisture through their leaves. The surface of the roof is always cooler than the ambient air while conventional roof surfaces are much hotter.

Why choose an Eco Roof

Living roofs are redefining the way we look at design and our environmental impact on the Earth. The beauty and promise of sustainable architecture and design lie in the integration of roof, building skin, interior, site location and overall building design, viewed as one layer of a green building strategy.

Making use of local and recycled materials and featuring hardy varieties of succulents, grasses, wild flowers, and herbs on several structural layers, their lifespan is almost eternal. Imagine coming home to your very own sky garden or roof deck to relax in after a long stressful day.

The greatest potential of green roofs lies in their capacity to cover impervious roof surfaces with living, breathing plants. Green roofs are healthy, sustainable, and regenerative roof landscapes that protect our environment by reducing the impact of development on communities. They are one of the most sustainable design elements in the palette of today’s ecological designers. 

Green roofs promote biodiversity to sustain a variety of plants and invertebrates and provide a habitat for a variety of bird species. By acting as a stepping stone habitat for migrating birds they can attract many species which would otherwise not be encountered. 

Improved health and well-being

Reduced pollution and increased water quality that green roofs provide can benefit people with sensitivities to allergens. Visual and environmental diversity can have a positive impact on emotional and psychological well-being. Eco roofs extend green space for people and create habitats for wildlife, providing both with a welcome mental and physical respite from urban surroundings. 

Urban agriculture

Using your green roof as a domestic agriculture project can reduce your home’s carbon footprint and even become a rich source of fresh, organically home grown herbs and even vegetables. 

Canterwood Partnership brings years of experience in creating and building signature homes to a collaboration with specialists in horticulture and plant science to create unique greening solutions that enhance building design and functionality. Integrated design is essential for delivering effective green building solutions. 

Our expertise lies in our ability to guide clients towards achieving their design objectives whether driven by ecological or purely aesthetic motivations and are equally competent on new buildings as well as working within the constraints of pre-existing buildings and designs.

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