November 30, 2020

The S Word From Canterwood Joinery

The S Word

Whether it is buying a new property, building a dream home, renting or renovating; the one word that continues to be at the focus of people’s decisions begins with s. And the word is storage.

In the UK we have become obsessed with storing.  We buy houses with garages that never see a car. We buy properties on the basis they are full of cupboards and if they are not, we try to work out how to put more cupboards in. Over the years, kitchens have got larger to accommodate more storage.

Canterwood Joinery has seen the request for built in wardrobes, cupboards, drawers in stairs and shelving, rise in the last few years. Sometimes to hide the contents and sometimes to show it off.

So what are we storing? All sorts… And should we be streamlining rather than storing. If you have ever come across the Japanese author and consultant Maria Kondo, you may be aware that we should only hold on to things “that bring you joy”. We should sort out all our houses within categories, apparently bidding farewell to things we no longer use or need. The art of folding and displaying our items in a way of beauty and order, creates harmony to the environment.

Should you aim for a show house finish? May be not… but decluttering certainly helps and then storing effectively helps keep spaces clean and inspiring.

Can storage add beauty? Absolutely… Storage can add character – So few new build houses are being built with features such as fireplaces, reading nooks and window seats, to name but a few; but these are important to often give depth and interest to a room – so without them bespoke storage has become increasingly popular. Shelving housing the tv and multitude of tech boxes, can be an aesthetic choice, rather than mounting everything to a blank flat wall…

Storage can create space - Being able to hide away toys, files, boots, clothes, in an organised way can give the sense of space purely by making it look empty. Built in wardrobes can be added seamlessly to a bedroom to store all the clothes and shoes – shut the doors and they have gone. The shiny, chipboard “built in bedroom” from the 70s and 80s, have been given a modern up-to-date – to clean lines, mat finishes and hints of earthy colours or solid wood doors and shelves.

Please get in touch if you need a bespoke storage solution or kitchen. Our joinery team are on hand to answer any questions you have and can advise the best use of space you have available.

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